Scootopia Lambretta LIS SX TV DL & GP Large Engine Mount Spindle

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19710029 - Long engine mount spindle

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Part Number 19710029

Scootopia made Lambretta series 3 & DL/GP large engine mount spindle. Originally fitted to series 3 Special, SX, TV & DL/GP models.
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Sticky's Spanner's Manual says -"Seized engine bolts are a common problem. Use a combination of heat and freeing oil on the bolt (pin) after undoing both nuts. Add a stack of washers on one end of the pin and wind one of the nuts back on to start pulling the engine pin through, repeat th extract the bolt".

From factory, these were originally fit to models -

Series One---
Series Two---
Series Three--LI150 Special125 SpecialSX150SX200TV175TV200
DL / Grand Prix125150200

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