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Scootopia was formed by scooterist Dean Harvey in the early 1990’s.

By the mid 1990’s Scootopia became popular for restorations and the reproduction of Ulma products. It also became the go to place for Italian products such as Casa Lambretta, MEC EUR, Tutto Lambretta and more.

Along with Nigel Cox (Weston Scooter Parts), Marco & Steve (The Scooter Empourium) Dean went on many trips to Italy in search of Lambretta's and quality spares as NOS parts were becoming scarce and the fact the UK market was flooded with poor quality Indian parts.

From this Scootopia built up a 5-star reputation around the world for restoration and parts for all things Lambretta.

After many years selling Italian Lambretta spares, knowing what was missing in the market, receiving feedback from both trade and retail customers and the decline in the Italian economy, Dean decided it was time to “bite the bullet”, it was time to start producing Lambretta spares on a large scale for Scootopia.

Today, Scootopia produce most parts for Lambretta LI/SX/TV & GP models. We have a worldwide trader network and a large retail customer base.

Our aim is to produce products to a good quality, phase out poor quality Indian and Vietnamese products on the market and to make scootering affordable.

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