Scootopia Lambretta LI, SX, TV, DL & GP SH1/20 Carburettor

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SH1/20 Carburettor

Scootopia made Lambretta TV175, TV200, SX150, SX200 & GP125 20mm carb to fit all Lambretta series 1/2/3 & DL/GP (with 20mm manifold).

The have the following jets and slide installed:
5914-1 slide
45 pilot
50 starter / choke
105 main jet
5899-2 atomiser

We also provide an extra 5914-2 slide.

fitment helpThe air mixture screw should be wound in until fully seated (do not force it) and then wound it back out to the prescribed amount. For these carbs the Lambretta workshop book suggests 0.5 turns out as a base setting, many dealers prefer 1.5 turns. From that when the scooter is warm, you can adjust the screw to fine tune. turn the screw out to richen or in to weaken. More information on this can be found in the latest Sticky Book, Page 172.

Sticky's Spanner's Manual says - "Getting a carb off a manifold can be very tricky if it hasn't moved in years. You can try heating it with a rag drenched in boiling water, but DON'T heat it in any other way ; particulary with a naked flame. If you cant grip the carb in a gloved hand and twist it to get it off, then it may be tapped off from the other side of the scooter with the words "a carburettor is a sensitive instrument" ringing in your head. One way is to rest a peice of wood (gaffer taped to prevent splintering) against the back of the carb and tap it to encourage the carb to start moving. Once loose you should be able to twist and pull it off the manifold".

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