Scootopia Lambretta LI, SX, TV, DL & GP Oil Seal set

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Full Oil Seal kit including Front Hub Seals.
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Scootopia made Lambretta series 2/3 & DL/GP double lip oil seal set with front hub seals, layshaft o ring & 2 rod o rings.


  • Driveside Oil Seal Innocenti # 19012008 33 x 50 x 6
  • Mag Housing Outer Seal Innocenti # 19012039 25 x 42 x 6
  • Mag Housing Inner Seal Innocenti # 19012036 33 x 52 x 6
  • Kickstart Shaft Seal Innocenti # 19010016 22 x 32 x 5.5
  • Rear Hub Seal Innocenti # 19030032 32 x 45 x 6
  • Rear Brake Cam O RingInnocenti # 19031015
  • Clutch Arm O RingInnocenti # 19031015
  • Gear Selector Arm O Ring Innocenti # 19031015
  • Rear Axle O Ring Innocenti # 19030036
  • Front Axle Seal Innocenti # 17 x 32 x 7 (2 Supplied)

We have had a lot of success withthe new Scootopia Oil Seal kits, had0% issues with springs or rubber perishing. They are the correct grade rubber (NBR) and not Viton Rubber Seals the same as the ROLF Oil Seal kits.
If you need Gearbox Oil we suggestSilkolene ST90.

Other things you may need -




Sticky's Spanner's Manual says
-"A blown drive side crankshaft seal can usually be defined by billowing white smoke from the exhaust. This has a different smell to two-stroke smoke. One test for this is blocking the tail pipe. If the oil seal is good ( and the exhaust has no leaks) then the engine should quickly stop. If it continues to run then the oil seal has probably failed".

From factory, these were originally fit to models -

Series OneLI125LI150-
Series TwoLI125LI150TV175
Series ThreeLI125LI150LI150 Special125 SpecialSX150SX200TV175TV200
DL / Grand Prix125150200

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