Scootopia Lambretta LI, SX, TV, DL & GP Drive Side Halite Washer

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19012007 - Halite washer

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Part Number 19012007

Scootopia made Lambretta series 1,2,3 & DL/GP drive side halite washer. Made from the same materials as the Innocenti factory. it's wise to stay away from the Indian style green washers, you will have nothing but trouble with them.

With this, you may need

6305 bearing

oil throw washer

From factory, these were originally fit to models -

Series OneLI125LI150-
Series TwoLI125LI150TV175
Series ThreeLI125LI150LI150 Special125 SpecialSX150SX200TV175TV200
DL / Grand Prix125150200

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