Scootopia Lambretta LIS, SX, TV, DL & GP Large Engine Mount Set

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19710030 - Large style engine mount (1 pair)

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Scootopia made Lambretta series 3 & DL/GP large engine mount set, originally fitted to series 3 TV/Special/SX & DL/GP models. These come with marked top left and right side into the rubber for correct fitment.

All previous vibration issues are solved making these mounts a versatile, excellent Engine Mount Set. The Depth of rubber within the Silent Block / Engine Mount is far more than the SIL  Silent Block / Engine Mounts. Fitment within the case has been improved for a slightly tighter fit. Like the BGM engine mounts, these come with top left and top right side arrows. When fitting these should be at the 12 oclock position. 
These can be used on any Lambretta LI SX TV or DL/GP models and will be an upgrade to the smaller mount however, other products you will need when changing your mounts are - 

Large style Engine Mount Cones

Large style Engine Bar

Sticky's Spanner's Manual says - "Check the tightness of the engine mount by hand before fitting. Slightly loose mounts should be cleaned and fitted with Loctite Bearing Fit. With tightly fitting mounts it can help to file a chamfer on the leading edge of the mount and lightly grease it before fitting". It will also be wise to clean out the inside edge of the casing before fitment.

From factory, these were originally fit to models - 

Series One---
Series Two---
Series Three--LI150 Special125 SpecialSX150SX200TV175TV200
DL / Grand Prix125150200

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