Lambretta TV200 Series 3

Condition: New product

Original paint Lambretta TV200

£ 13,000.00 inc VAT

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This Lambretta is completely original, a perfect example of a factory built Lambretta. The TV200 model was an export only model from Innocenti making it extra special………14,982 models to be more precise.

 This TV200 was brought back from Switzerland, the original dealer waterslides on the fiberglass mudguard and toolbox door show this.

The overall condition of the TV is excellent, I have not seen one in this condition, ever. It has the odd mark here and there in all the correct places (as Lambrettas do).

The TV has spent some time in our workshop and now runs well, it has spent the past decade in our collection on show.

Features include –

  • Engine Number Starts – 546
  • Frame Number Starts – 546
  • Carello Headlamp
  • Aprilia Tail Lamp
  • Fiberglass Front Mudguard
  • Campagnolo Disc Brake
  • NOS SAFA Battery
  • Noemi Rosa Seat
  • Original Ignition Switch with Key
  • Original Toolbox Lock with Key
  • Original Coil with Ducati Transfer
  • Michelin ACS Front Tyre
  • SCM Marked front Dampers
  • Veglia Speedo
  • SH1/20 Orignail Carb
  • 6v Electrics
  • Original Exhaust
  • Original Battery Waterslide
  • UK Registered

Some people have questioned the cost, why so high? As I said above, this is a super rare find in this condition and is a perfect example of a factory production Lambretta. To restore a TV (including the cost of the scooter) you would be looking at 10-12k, this is completely original, it can only be original once.

If interested please contact us through our contact page or call 01934 641811.

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