New Workshop

Scootopia are known throughout the UK and Europe for top quality, original specification Lambretta restorations.  We have recently added Gene Merideth to our staff, who ran Scooters Originali in the USA for 30 years and who specialises in Lambretta and Vintage Vespa restoration. 
We can restore your scooter to "like new", just as it was when it rolled off the factory line, or "better than factory" with engine and electrical upgrades.  
Restorations are priced at £6,000 for most Lambretta models (excluding TV1 and A through LD) restored to factory standard.
Engine performance and/or electrical upgrades are extra and cost will vary depending on what types are desired.
Scooters in particularly rough condition could be higher. 
We can also carry out what is known as a "mechanical refurbishment", where the cosmetic aspects are left alone,
but we make sure all mechanical aspects of the scooter are rebuilt to factory specifications.
The sections below describe a full restoration, so for a mechanical refurbishment you can just remove media blast, bodywork and paint.
We also offer restoration level, or standard engine rebuilds. 
Send your engine to us, and we will rebuild it so it looks (for restoration level rebuilds) and sounds like it just left the factory (all rebuilds).
The work done for a full restoration is:

Full Strip Down:

Your scooter is stripped down to its bare component pieces: the frame is bare, the forks completely stripped down,
the headset completely stripped, all hardware is removed from the bodywork. On older, rusted or bodged scooters, this time can double, or even triple. 

Media Blasting:

We media blast your scooters bodywork down to bare metal, so the painters have the best possible surface to start bodywork and paint on.

Bodywork and Paint:

In house, we paint your scooter to your colour specifications. Our flat rate restoration charge includes up to 3 standard factory colours. 

Engine Rebuild:

While your scooter is being painted, we rebuild your engine to your specification - standard or upgraded.

A standard engine rebuild includes all wear items:

  • Oil Seals,
  • Bearings,
  • Gaskets,
  • Clutch Corks,
  • Chain,
  • Crank,
  • Gear Selector,
  • Brake Shoes & Cams,
  • Rear Hub,
  • Linkages,
  • Hardware & many other parts.
An upgraded engine includes everything in a standard rebuild, but has options which are an extra charge: uprated race cranks, performance cylinder, electronic ignition etc.
All parts are media blasted, all adjusters and external hardware replaced with correct zinc coated OEM spec items.
You get a perfect running engine, which also looks brand new to go along with your brand new looking scooter.

Parts Replacement:

This is where Scootopia excels. Because we manufacture (almost) all the parts needed to restore a Lambretta,
 we can replace many parts that other restorers would not, without the added expense others would charge.
With a retail level of £2500 worth of parts, you can see the benefit of having us restore your scooter versus buying all the parts yourself.
The list of parts we replace includes but is not limited to:
  • Cables,
  • Wiring Loom,
  • Rubber Grommets (all),
  • Frame rubber gaskets and trim (all),
  • Badges, tires,
  • Inner Tubes,
  • Brakes,
  • Switches,
  • Seat Covers,
  • Seat Frames,
  • Tail Lights,
  • Headlights,
  • Speedometer Lens,
  • Complete Floorboard Channels, Rear Plastics & Endcaps,
  • Locks,
  • Complete Inner Fork Rebuild parts,
  • Complete Inner Front Hub Parts etc.

Final Assembly:

Once the painted frame and body parts are back and the engine built, we can start the reassembly of your scooter.
This is very labour intensive. It includes everything to assemble the complete scooter - including installing:
  • New Frame Races,
  • Rebuilding Front Hub & Forks,
  • Rebuilding Headset,
  • Installing all frame components,
  • Tail Light,
  • Fuel tank,
  • Rear Mudguard,
  • Glovebox, 
  • Cables,
  • Wiring Loom,
  • Body Parts,

and ending with the engine installation and connecting it up to the cables and wiring, plus a road test.

This is also the most important aspect of the restoration to ensure that your Vespa or Lambretta will operate and run perfectly as well as look beautiful.

Pick Up & Drop Off

We are also able to provide an external courier service (based in the midlands) that specializes in moving classic scooters if you need your scooter collected/picked up or dropped off.

To book or enquire on your restoration, please contact: