Wicksteed Park Scooter Parts Fair (again)

Published : 09/10/2019 10:50:47
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Wicksteed Park Scooter Parts Fair (again)

Yet again we have hit that time of year for Wicksteed Park Parts Fair. We will be attending on the 6th October and again will be bringing a vast array of Lambretta goodies (I have even seen 2 or 3 of our barrel kits).

Again, as always we strongly advise to pre-order with us. This avoids any disappointment if we haven’t brought a certain part or have sold out of a part you need. This works better for us, makes buying on the day much easier and the best bit is we reward all Wicksteed Park pre-orders with extra discount. Winner Winner!!!!!!

To pre-order you can call –


Or email



We are already looking for to the 6th and will be great to catch up with you all.





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