TV200 For Sale

Published : 06/05/2019 10:24:52
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TV200 For Sale

Its's been a while since i last had time to add some news on here, its been a mega busy time with moving the shop, arranging everything whilst dealing with the crazy amount of orders that have come in over the past few weeks. 

The biggest news story at the moment is that we are selling our beloved Lambretta TV200. The TV is totally untouched and is a perfect example of any original Lambretta out there. Originally brought for our collection, the TV was brought back from Switzerland a very long time ago, it has dealer badges on both the fiberglass mudguard and on the toolbox door. The paint is still in great condition with the odd mark here and there, its still running 6 volt electrics and sounds lovely for this. All rubbers, badges, dampers, disc brake tail lens and everything else is untouched as it left the factory. Gene in the workshop has spent some time adding a bit of TLC to it, now the scooter is a thing of beauty. Getting to the point, we are looking for £15,000.00 for the TV, this has divided conversation on Facebook but is realistic looking at the current market and the fact this is a super rare find to find a TV200 in as good original condition as this. 



see more photos of our TV here

See a video clip of our TV here

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