The New Scootopia Variable 12v Electronic kit

Published : 02/03/2020 15:42:18
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The New Scootopia Variable 12v Electronic kit

With the latest Scootopia shipment about to come in, we are pleased to announce our latest product to hit the shelves. The Scootopia 12 volt variable electronic kits will be ready to buy from 24th February onwards.

There will be two versions, LI,SX,TV & GP types. As these kits are variable they give your engine an advance or retard timing set up. This allows the ignition timing to adjust at high or low revs resulting in a better performing engine. We have set a weight of approx. 2.1kg for the LI style flywheel and 1.9 for the GP.

This kit will run well using the Scootopia 185 kit and the Scootopia Clubman Exhaust. We have also added an extra centre boss stud on the flywheel  giving it 9 studs for extra strength. The cost will be a generous £185.00 which is a bargain.

You will find these listed in the electrical section of the website.

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