Scootopia Whatsapp, Phones & Opening

Published : 06/18/2020 14:16:50
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Scootopia Whatsapp, Phones & Opening

As it seems we are now slowly coming out of the COVID situation Scootopia are back with a full team.

Phones & Whatsapp

Sales here are busier than ever with both Retail and Wholesale orders booming. We are now answering phones between 10am and 12:30pm however, Scootopia now have a new contact service with a Whatsapp Business profile. You can message us on +44 (0) 7436 188816 through Whatsapp and pretty much get a reply instantly between the hours and 10am until 16:30pm. We are also answering emails throughout the day when I can get to my desk.  

If possible, we would still much prefer you to use the website and not phone orders through as time taken to process orders over the phone take up a lot of time.

Opening to the public

Even with some shops now opening to the public Scootopia will stay closed to walk in customers until further notice. We are still shacked up in our temporary building, there is just enough space for staff let alone customers that want to come in and buy products. Mail order is going out as normal with free post to all orders over £100.00.

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