Scootopia & Silkolene Oil

Published : 04/25/2019 12:36:46
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Scootopia & Silkolene Oil

Just before the fire, we had sat down with Silkolene Oils to talk about distribution of Silkolene products. We both came up with some great ideas for the classic scooter market, ideas that will still be going forward but will take some time due to our situation. 

For now, we are please to announce not only are Silkolene sponsors of the Scootopia Race Team but we are now also selling Pro 2, Classic 2, Scoot 2 and ST90 from the Silkolene range.

  • PRO 2 - Fully Synthetic 1ltr oil for high performance pre-mix engines (used by the Scootopia Race Team).
  • CLASSIC 2 - Fully synthetic 1ltr ester based pre-mix oil.
  • SCOOT 2 - Semi synthetic 1ltr oil for both injector and pre-mix models.

These can be found in the Fuel and Exhaust section for the 2 stroke, Gearbox and Kickstart section for the ST90. 

BSSO Production riders and Traders more news to follow..............

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