New Stock Coming Very Soon

Published : 10/08/2019 14:38:07
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New Stock Coming Very Soon

It’s been a while since we had a load on new goodies to share with everyone. We are pleased to say that on October 23rd we will be overrun with new and restock parts, WE HAVE A LOT OF STUFF COMING!!!!!

Below is a list of what we will be unpacking and sharing with everyone –

  •          LI & GP Flywheel Cowls (NEW PRODUCT).
  •          LI & GP Cylinder Cowls (NEW PRODUCT).
  •          Series 3 rear Side Panel Hooks.
  •          Series 1 & 2 Rear Floor Plastics (NEW PRODUCT) this will also allow us to sell Complete Floor kits.
  •          Variation of Gearbox Shims.
  •          13mm Domed Nyloc Rim Nuts.
  •          Long Engine Mount Bar.
  •          Short Engine Mount Bar (NEW PRODUCT).
  •          Rear Hubs
  •          Complete Grey Cable sets with Grease Nipples (now with both series 1,2 & 3 Throttle Cables included).
  •          Complete Grey Cable sets without Grease Nipples (NEW PRODUCT).
  •          Small End, Clutch & Layshaft Needle Bearings.
  •          Rear Hub Bearings.
  •          NU2205 Bearings.
  •          NU205 Bearings.
  •          6305 Driveside Bearings.
  •          Gear, Clutch & Throttle Inner Cables.
  •          Series 3 & DL/GP Horncast Side Rubbers.
  •          Grey & Black Side Panel Rubbers. This will allow us to sell Complete Body Rubber kits again.
  •          12 & 6 Volt Bulbs.
  •          185 Cylinder kits (NEW PRODUCT).
  •          Series 2 & 3/GP Toolbox Doors (NEW PRODUCT).
  •          Standard Series 3 Rear Shocks.
  •          Adjustable Rear Shocks.
  •          Chrome & Painted Series 3 Front Dampers.
  •          Series 3 Tail Lamp Square Head Bolts.
  •          3.5mm Allen Keys.


I imagine it is going to take us a few days to put the above away but I have already managed to list 95% of the products on the website already. All I will need to do is activate them on the day.

We will also Announce on Social media when the delivery arrives.



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