Incoming Delivery!!!!

Published : 07/06/2020 12:57:57
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Incoming Delivery!!!!


It’s time for another shipment of parts to arrive. We hope to have a huge shipment of Lambretta spares within the next 3 weeks. Most products are just re-stock products but below are some of the missing bits that we don’t have at the moment.  

Out of stock products coming back in:

Lambretta SX/TV Disc Brake Fork Link sets

Lambretta LI/SX/TV & GP Speedo bush (that sits in Hub)

Lambretta LI/SX/TV & GP Cable Trunnion sets

Lambretta LI/SX/TV & GP White Wheel Rims

Lambretta GP150/200 SH2/22 Carbs

Lambretta LI/SX/TV Fork Pistons (will be able to do Fork Rebuild kits again)

Lambretta LI/SX/TV Brake Shoes

Lambretta LI/SX/TV & GP Bench Seat Middle Springs

We also have excellent news for the Luna guys out there. We have a batch of 100 SH1/20 Carbs with Flip Chokes available. The feedback we have had is that they are going to be snapped up fast. If needed, please click the notify me button on the carb listing. You will receive an email soon as they are in stock.

Also, for the first time we will have U Bend Manifold sets available for the Scootopia Clubman Exhausts. We seem to be getting asked more and more for these.

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